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Welcome to Tikso Editor This is Tikso Blog

Welcome ~ By Tikso Blog

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Welcome to Tikso Editor A Free online Based Photo. From This Side of the Internet you can easily Edit a bunch of your all pics and Actually make them more professional

Tikso Blog is WHERE YOU CAN GET CLOSE TO US WITH OUR LATEST UPDATES . Covering new ways you can basically use Tikso editor for the benefit

Welcome to TIkso An Online Free Image Editor.

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welcome to Tikso

content Guide ~ by Tikso Blog

Hi there , Welcome Again here

Tikso wil help you ake master piece content !! yeah you read it right.

There is this set of rule of the image Pixel scale That would actually fit more comfortably on the site Portfolio

if you contents fall to these three(3) Currently Most Used Social Platforms

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Then Tikso is the right place for you .

Enjoy the Editor

Creating a Brand siglook

Brand siglook ~ By Tikso Founder - McErick

hello Folks

i wanna share few sights on creating a brand identity or i like to call it Brand Siglook (signature look) that epic identity that differentiates your brand from everything else.

Every Brand needs that siglook to make it different from the rest. if you look at snapchat for instance they stand to connect the world through pictures and their Ceo Evan spiegel recently said that there are about million snaps taken daily.So snap make people connect and talk though pictures .so bingo snap uses pictures as core ingridient to differentiate itself from other players on the social platform industry

Brand siglook is what comes in to mind when a customer hears about a certain brand lets say am at a coffee shop with a bunch of friends and their talking about a movie they have all seen and they keep on talking about the movie let's say for about 10 minutes and they all look to have seen it and they are telling each other those epic moments about the movie and am the only one on the table whose not contributing to the subject cleary everyone on the table should know by now that i have been missing some Netflix times .. Thats it that what Brand siglook looks like. getting all the bunch of friends just to think on one solution for my problem that is Netflix clearly show how Netfilx have built a brand siglook in that Industry.

We all know jackie Chan and Jet li right . These chinese guys made the world look into chinese films for about a time . During their prime era Jackie chan had more Audiance clearly its not that Jet li wasn't good enough naah it was clearly upon the style of act of Jackie chan his movies had a plot like all other movies but jackie had that awesome humuor style of play plus his great kung fu Yeaah People just had to watch him exactly even people who didn't like Kung fu that much are among the big fans of jackie it all layed along his style of act that made a signature look into Jackie chan Films

On the other side Jet Li is a amazing actor but he was too serious with the style having no humour on his style he clearly limited his Audiance . so for someone to sit done and watch a Jet li movie he/she must be realy into Kung fu Movies something abit different from Jackie Chan audiance base . There it goes Jackie Chan made that Siglook on his films .

So all you need is to build that Brand siglook Thats all what needed

Having Troubles with your Pictures

Then Tikso is the right place for you .

Enjoy the Editor